Saturday, 15 November 2014


Basilique is a small village on a lake nestled between the mountains of Northern Italy.Keep an eye out for signposts located around the region. They’ll direct you to two theatres, the Bar Moderna, the Pier, the Park and Pond, and the Member’s Club. Please also find a map that you can use to orient yourself as you explore the region.  Now playing “Paradise Lost in Second Life”, this is a ticketed event that has been called “The most amazing thing in Second Life!” Watch this short video to get a taste for what everyone has been talking about.

The Playhouse is a converted church that is now used as a small theatre. The Basilique Performing Arts Company recently performed “Romeo + Juliet in Second Life” at the Playhouse, which ran for 40 weeks.

More info about Basilique you can find here:

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