Monday, 15 December 2014

Let it Snow!

If you are dreaming of a white christmas "Let it Snow" is a place to be. A snowy setting for dancing, ice skating, sledding, photography. Snow gently falling from sky, christmas stream, many spots for couples make the magic in this place. Feel Christmas ambience in Second Life.

Saturday, 15 November 2014


Basilique is a small village on a lake nestled between the mountains of Northern Italy.Keep an eye out for signposts located around the region. They’ll direct you to two theatres, the Bar Moderna, the Pier, the Park and Pond, and the Member’s Club. Please also find a map that you can use to orient yourself as you explore the region.  Now playing “Paradise Lost in Second Life”, this is a ticketed event that has been called “The most amazing thing in Second Life!” Watch this short video to get a taste for what everyone has been talking about.

The Playhouse is a converted church that is now used as a small theatre. The Basilique Performing Arts Company recently performed “Romeo + Juliet in Second Life” at the Playhouse, which ran for 40 weeks.

More info about Basilique you can find here:

Endless Desert

Explore desert, hear the wind, feel sand in your mouth. Its very nice and quiet place. It is a great place for photos nad role play. The Citadel is a time-plateau with a futuristic city overlooking a large desert. You can also take tp from here and see London city with Big Ben.

Friday, 14 November 2014

12 things to do in SL by Mitch Wagner

As I always say SL has unlimited capabilities for creative people. "Your world, your imagination" thats very good saying. If you feel bored at the beginning of this game, try some advices by Mitch Wagner.

"I get frustrated hearing people talk about how Second Life isn't entertaining, or it's only useful for advertising to "freaks," "furries, ageplay pervert.I finally decided to put together a list of things to do in Second Life, as a resource for people curious about the game, and also as something.I don't really blame the people who think there's nothing to do in Second Life. One of the areas where Second Life is weakest is in introducing newcomers to the world. The user interface is confusing, and, worse, once you've got that mastered, it's hard to figure out what to do. The newbie is confronted with an array of cybersex areas, online casinos, and sleazy make-money-fast schemes. But once you get past that initial barrier, you'll find plenty of things to do in Second Life". 

See whole article " 12 things to do in Second Life that aren't embarrassing if your priest or rabbi finds out"


Metamorphosis is a land for dreamers and photo lovers. Done with very high quality. On this land you have also 2 galleries to visit and space park. Relax and enjoy this lost in time place.Garden of dreams is quiet, enchanting, water crystals and magic place. Dance with your loved one in the sea between the swans.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Little Town :)

Little Town done with care by one of the best creators in SL Cica Ghost, is a lovely place to be. As always done gently with really nice music from stream. The inhabitants of Cica Ghost's Little Town have all disappeared for the day, are they just hiding? Take this chance to explore their quirky, curious, humorously delightful island. This place will brighten up your day and make you smile.

Opened on 30th October 2014. If you loved Ghostville you should see Little Town.

Ghostville by Cica Ghost

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Winter Moon

Winter Moon is one of the most beautiful and magnetic places in SL. You can chill out here by yourself, meet nice people or spend some time with someone special. Hear storm from the distance see waves crashing on the shore. Take your time to visit all spots here, and dont be hurry. Stream is very nice and relaxing. You can also take here some really nice photos.

Chouchou for music lovers

Japanese music group Chouchou bring their creativity to Second Life in several photogenic and atmospheric regions. At Chouchou you can find: "Memento Mori," "Islamey" and "The Babel." To see this land through different eyes you can use cinema hud. Click the ladder on land to teleport to different parts of this sim.

Chouchou's sounds lab, "The Babel". We created the process of our sound creations in 3D. "The Babel" is like the core of our music and like the place where our music comes from.

Listen to Chouchou music here

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Travel to Northen Baja California - Baja Norte

Travel to Northen Baja California one of the most magic places in RL world, recommended by Lonely Planet guide. Now you can see this magnetic place in SL, and it's really great done. Surf, listen to the music, hang out with friends, hear waves crashing on the rocks. Dont forget to visit lighthouse. Baja Norte is stunning place to take some photos. Land is done by Lauren Bentham.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Singularity of Kumiko

The Singularity of Kumiko is the newest installation by award-winning artist Bryn Oh. Follow the set up instructions and prepare yourself for a journey of unimaginable depth.It is a great installation that will lead you to the dark side also in your mind. It's worrying, strange, you will feel shivers. What happened to Kumiko, find out by listening to her story and reading her letters. There are 14 days and 14 letters in the bottle, on land you will find also small microphones where all story is told. Story of  living in your own strange world in your imagination. World you dont want to leave for real life. It is very worth seeing. Project is available from 14 February 2014.

Bryn Oh is an artist from Canada. In RL Bryn is an oil painter and new media artist, in SL works around the idea of using the medium as a painting we can enter and explore. The idea of creating a fully immersive space that draws us deeper into an artwork than is capable with traditional forms such as painting, sculpture, cinema and so on.

Interview with Bryn Oh 

KattyArndale:You did lot of instalations in sl, every single dont leave mind in ease, its sth strange sth like dark side of mind. What inspires you to do such strange but very magnetic instalations?

Bryn Oh: For me it is just a way to express aspects of my personality or life and then merge that with a narrative based on observations on the society I live ranging from technology, morals or influences both good and bad.

KattyArndale: Now about singularity of Kumiko. I have read few comments about this instalation, some says that it is about girl who is in coma some says it is about girl who in 14 days loses her mind. Can you resolve that riddle and tell me what it is about?

Bryn Oh: The singularity of Kumiko is a prequel to a previous work called Imogen and the pigeons. If people are interested to know a detailed description of what they are about then perhaps read a series of post from my blog .. this is for Imogen and the pigeons and this is for The Singularity of Kumiko

But a quick answer is that Kumiko was in a car accident and then into a coma. While in the Coma her lover Iktomi would send her messages directly into her dream state that would arrive as bottles or letters for her. And from her coma she would reply to him. She was unaware though that she was in a coma and the doctors instructed Iktomi not to tell her, but to encourage her to wake up by entering a symbolic door with an exit sign.

KattyArndale: How did you get the idea of instalation Singularity of Kumiko?

Bryn Oh: The Singularity of Kumiko and all the works for seveal years before it are all parts of a single narrative that describes a world which is not so different from our own. They all talk about the dehuminization of society though technology in one way or the other. For this one the backdrop is the technological singularity and my interpretation of how society might change with its advent.

KattyArndale: Do you have a method when creating your instalations? Which are the best one and you are most proud of?

Bryn Oh: Each work usually has three or four months of preparation which includes sketches, paintings, writing, poetry then eventually the building part in our virtual space. I think I am most proud of my work Standby, Annas Many Murders, Imogen and the Pigeons and The Singularity of Kumiko.

More works of Bryn Oh

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Black Basalt Beach

Hear the noise of the sea, gentle sound of seagulls and feel sand under your feets. Beautifully located Black Basalt Beach will bring you peace and relaxation. It is a very nice hideway and really well done of creators. Gray Skies over a dark sandy beach, wet sand sticks to your toes. Ocean scents carried in the wind, salt on your tongue. Discover all hiden spots on this island and you will be amazed.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The sea of cubic dreams

Wonderful art project done by Alegria Studio Group. The Sea of Cubic Dreams is part of upcoming and bigger project Theater Night’s Dream in LEA25. Every cube here is a dream, you can choose yours and float away. As bubble universes, each cube represents a dream that float and interact with others . Choose your dream and fly! It's a very accure comparison cubes to dream and their interaction. Time of this exhibition is limited.

Cubes instructions:

1. Approach to a cube
2. Sit on it
3. Touch it and move it
5. Enjoy floating!

Have fun :)

Leroy - pure magic of light

Leroy is one of the most brighten up places in SL. Abandoned ship which stuck on sandbank of desert island. Full of light surroundings. This place is great for meditation, for relax by yourself or with someone special. Leroy is done with care by Quark Fallen SL Landscape Architect. The best to see this place is high or ultra graphics and sun possition midday to see all its brighteness.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Tapp's Haunted Mansion

Tapp's Haunted Mansion is full of hidden surprises around every corner. With nineteen rooms of terror, will you find the secret room where the dead hide? You'll be looking over your shoulder with every creak and half-heard ghostly whisper. Enter at your own risk, have your sounds up, use windlight or a dark lighting for the ultimate experience!

Logical game for Halloween

Survival Horror Haunted Hosue is a game done by the creators of the Flesh Game, Resting Place and System Failure. It's one of the most frightening experiences you'll have in Second Life. Don't Panic is an interactive Second Life horror gaming experience with multiple levels, challenging puzzles, big scares and prizes from all your fave creators. Bring your friends, play together, but whatever you do, Don't Panic!

There are 2 levels of the game full of surprises and logical problems to resolve. At the landing point you will get a hud for the game, unzip it and wear it. Then you will hear the story of haunted house and what happened there. You will have to go through many rooms of horror and collect itemes, then solve logical riddle and find out mistery. To get through game you will need 2-3 hours. But you can log out at any point, and when you log in hud will take you to the place where you finished.The best is to set midnight for the land and max sound, dont switch on music and don't panic.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Rainy Alley

Get wet at rainy alley. Constantly falling rain, thunders from the distance and the art gallery where you can hide when you get wet. You can also play piano by the fireplace, or visit local pub. It is an old english alley lost in time. Hopefully this place will bring you peace and relaxation in your busy life.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Go, Fly a Kite! - for magical places lovers

Black Kite is one of the most beautiful, full of light places in Second Life. Placed with care by theblackcloud Oh. For all those who wander, dream and long for a place to call their own ... may you find your home here as well.  As Black Cloud says " Originally when I got Black Kite I wanted to start over and have a place all to my own. I also wanted to give back, when I started Second Life I spent lots of times on other people's sims when I didn't have a home. I wanted to do just the same, to keep the spirit of sharing alive. I also wanted to bring a little bit of light back into this world. So many places are dark and dreay, I wanted a little magical place to call home and offer it to anyone else who felt the same (...)I don't see myself as an artist, though others may disagree with that. I like simplicity, minimal designs and color with lots of light and rain, which totally contradicts the rest". Why the name "Black Kite"? "People take life too serious, even in this world. They should lighten up, run around and go fly a kite..." In her RL she lives in US her degree is in graphic design though she works in web as a web developer and content creator. 

Black Kite is great for photography. You can join group "Black Kite" to place poses/props for your photos than you can join flickr group and share it with others Kite's lovers. The best to see Black Kite is high or ultra graphics settings.

For art and photo lovers

"Dream infinitely..... remain Hazardous adventures." Listen to the music, sit upon canyon, make some nice photos. Hazardous is absolutely magic, you can relax, chill, dance. The land is specially dedicated to photographers and art lovers. With Hazardous your sl will be a piece of art. It is nice hideway from busy sl world. Take your time in Hazardous and find hidden corners:)

Friday, 17 October 2014

Garden of Dreams - the very best of SL autumn

The very best of SL autumn is for sure Garden of Dreams *GOD*. Beautiful garden, falling leaves, many corners and hideways for lovers. Stunning spots to take photos. And the best thing is if you really like it you can have it, by visiting local shop with all stuff from this beautiful land. If you dream about private autumn corner on your land or in your skybox you couldn't choose better. There are also special done skyboxes so you can choose ready to use scene. All things provided by *GOD* are high quality mesh. Enjoy your visit.

Special autumn

If you are looking for the perfect autumn scenes, Woodsy for sure is a place you have to visit. Enjoy the gentle rain, the forest and the stream. Dance under the stars with someone special. Explore, dream... or just listen to the music and contemplate falling leaves.