Sunday, 26 October 2014

Singularity of Kumiko

The Singularity of Kumiko is the newest installation by award-winning artist Bryn Oh. Follow the set up instructions and prepare yourself for a journey of unimaginable depth.It is a great installation that will lead you to the dark side also in your mind. It's worrying, strange, you will feel shivers. What happened to Kumiko, find out by listening to her story and reading her letters. There are 14 days and 14 letters in the bottle, on land you will find also small microphones where all story is told. Story of  living in your own strange world in your imagination. World you dont want to leave for real life. It is very worth seeing. Project is available from 14 February 2014.

Bryn Oh is an artist from Canada. In RL Bryn is an oil painter and new media artist, in SL works around the idea of using the medium as a painting we can enter and explore. The idea of creating a fully immersive space that draws us deeper into an artwork than is capable with traditional forms such as painting, sculpture, cinema and so on.

Interview with Bryn Oh 

KattyArndale:You did lot of instalations in sl, every single dont leave mind in ease, its sth strange sth like dark side of mind. What inspires you to do such strange but very magnetic instalations?

Bryn Oh: For me it is just a way to express aspects of my personality or life and then merge that with a narrative based on observations on the society I live ranging from technology, morals or influences both good and bad.

KattyArndale: Now about singularity of Kumiko. I have read few comments about this instalation, some says that it is about girl who is in coma some says it is about girl who in 14 days loses her mind. Can you resolve that riddle and tell me what it is about?

Bryn Oh: The singularity of Kumiko is a prequel to a previous work called Imogen and the pigeons. If people are interested to know a detailed description of what they are about then perhaps read a series of post from my blog .. this is for Imogen and the pigeons and this is for The Singularity of Kumiko

But a quick answer is that Kumiko was in a car accident and then into a coma. While in the Coma her lover Iktomi would send her messages directly into her dream state that would arrive as bottles or letters for her. And from her coma she would reply to him. She was unaware though that she was in a coma and the doctors instructed Iktomi not to tell her, but to encourage her to wake up by entering a symbolic door with an exit sign.

KattyArndale: How did you get the idea of instalation Singularity of Kumiko?

Bryn Oh: The Singularity of Kumiko and all the works for seveal years before it are all parts of a single narrative that describes a world which is not so different from our own. They all talk about the dehuminization of society though technology in one way or the other. For this one the backdrop is the technological singularity and my interpretation of how society might change with its advent.

KattyArndale: Do you have a method when creating your instalations? Which are the best one and you are most proud of?

Bryn Oh: Each work usually has three or four months of preparation which includes sketches, paintings, writing, poetry then eventually the building part in our virtual space. I think I am most proud of my work Standby, Annas Many Murders, Imogen and the Pigeons and The Singularity of Kumiko.

More works of Bryn Oh

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