Saturday, 18 October 2014

Go, Fly a Kite! - for magical places lovers

Black Kite is one of the most beautiful, full of light places in Second Life. Placed with care by theblackcloud Oh. For all those who wander, dream and long for a place to call their own ... may you find your home here as well.  As Black Cloud says " Originally when I got Black Kite I wanted to start over and have a place all to my own. I also wanted to give back, when I started Second Life I spent lots of times on other people's sims when I didn't have a home. I wanted to do just the same, to keep the spirit of sharing alive. I also wanted to bring a little bit of light back into this world. So many places are dark and dreay, I wanted a little magical place to call home and offer it to anyone else who felt the same (...)I don't see myself as an artist, though others may disagree with that. I like simplicity, minimal designs and color with lots of light and rain, which totally contradicts the rest". Why the name "Black Kite"? "People take life too serious, even in this world. They should lighten up, run around and go fly a kite..." In her RL she lives in US her degree is in graphic design though she works in web as a web developer and content creator. 

Black Kite is great for photography. You can join group "Black Kite" to place poses/props for your photos than you can join flickr group and share it with others Kite's lovers. The best to see Black Kite is high or ultra graphics settings.

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